Authorized Evaluator Program

Why eWebOQ?
We have always been a leader in the OQ training world, and with our unique policies and procedures, we realized we could put together an excellent army of Evaluators. However, we wanted to have precise control over the entire qualification process. Besides, we all know it, the pipeline industry evaluators could be anyone with time and a few bucks. The industry needs effective and knowledgeable Evaluators who are trusted safety leaders. The Evaluators approved by our program will be trained, competent, dependable, trustworthy, educated, and thoroughly vetted. We aren’t going to promise that every applicant will be approved as an Evaluator, we want the best. You can guarantee that an eWebOQ Evaluator will be of the highest quality.

The Value in High Standards
What’s the beauty of task specific qualification? Simple. It means that applicants must be knowledgeable and experienced in each task they wish to evaluate. Authorized Evaluator candidates are required to supply all experience documents such as resumes, certifications, etc. and provide two or more references based on skill families. All requests are carefully reviewed by multiple eWebOQ associates to ensure their authenticity. References go through a thorough evaluation of the applicant’s experience for each task they apply for. We also have random audits to be sure our Authorized Evaluators are maintaining the eWebOQ standard. And, as we said, not all applicants are approved to become an Authorized Evaluator.

Expand Your Skills
There is so much quality industry experience and knowledge out there. We welcome oil and gas professionals to submit a request by using our portal and put all of that skill to good use. What about Operators and contractors, you ask? They have a vital role in determining who are the most trusted and reliable Evaluators for their jobs. Choosing the wrong evaluator can cause problems, waste money, and sacrifice integrity. With this army of Authorized Evaluators we’re building, you’ll have an ever-growing list of quality people.

Join the Evaluation Nation!
Become one of the most qualified and thoroughly vetted OQ Evaluators in the industry