108 Cutting and Fitting Gaskets

Examines leak prevention, gasket groups and classifications, installation and removal procedures, and gasket fabrication.

109 Hydraulics & Pneumatics – Part 1

Examines hydraulics and pneumatics, fluid mechanics, Pascal’s Law, Boyle’s Law, and the mercury column experiment.

110 Hydraulics & Pneumatics – Part 2

Takes a look at cylinder types and operation, hydraulic pumps, discharging, sewering, and recirculation.

111 Hydraulics & Pneumatics – Part 3

Examines valve types and their purposes, cylinder packing procedures, and accumulators.

112 Lubrication

Addresses the purposes of lubrication, viscosity, types of lubricants and lubrication systems, SAE ratings, the lubrication chart, and safety precautions.

113 Introduction to Bearings

Addresses the types, uses and functions of bearings, dissimilar and similar metals, bearing composition, and how viscosity and lubrication affect bearings.

114 Bearing Types & Maintenance

Examines bearing types, anti-friction bearings, metric and numbering systems, transmission units, pillow blocks, flange bearing units, clearance, relining, operating temperatures, oil contamination, and bearing cleaning.

115 Introduction to Bearing Lubrication

Addresses lubricant functions, pump bearing life, pump bearing lubrication methods, and more.

116 Greased Bearing & Oil Mist Lubrication

Examines reasons and procedures for re-greasing bearings, and oil mist systems and their maintenance.

117 Compression Packings

Addresses the use and types of compression packings, their materials, leakage control, removal and inspection, installation, reversal, size, and additional rings.

118 Automatic Packings

Examines the purposes of lip-type and squeeze-type packings, as well as O-rings, X-rings, and delta rings.

120 V-Belts & Positive Drive Belts

Examines belt drive styles, code marking, belt storage, formulas, drive alignment, installation, tension, maintenance, and the belt numbering system.

122 Mechanical Seals

Explores the types, use, and parts of a mechanical seal, and how to protect it from damage.

125 Introduction to Chain Drives

Explores the parts, pitch, width, diameter, and identification of chain drives. Other topics include sprocket types, and the inspection, installation, and maintenance of chain drives.

126 Installation & Maintenance of Chain Drives

Examines installation of roller and silent chains, use of measuring devices, alignment of sprocket wheels, shaft and chain adjustments, lubrication and maintenance of silent chains, and more.

129 Introduction to Pumps – Part 1

Addresses proper roller installation, use of measuring devices and detachers, sprocket wheel alignment, shaft and chain adjustment, and installation, lubrication and maintenance of silent chains.

130 Introduction to Pumps – Part 2

Examines pressure, pressure and liquid height formulas, types of head, and various pressure and pump calculations.

131 Introduction to Pumps – Part 3

Explores different ways pressure is depicted, net positive suction head, available and required NPSH, and troubleshooting indicators and the factors that lead to them.

133 Shaft Alignment

Examines shaft misalignment, couplings, coupling alignment methods and adjustments, and the effect of temperature during installation and operation.

134 Pump Seals & Seal Flushes

Addresses the components and types of pump seals, seal arrangements, API flush plans, and mechanical seal maintenance techniques.

135 Positive Displacement Pumps

Examines situations where positive displacement pumps are used, types of positive displacement pumps, the principle of displacement, positive displacement pump operation, cavitation, and excessive discharge pressure.

136 Centrifugal Pumps

Explores key components of centrifugal pumps, types of centrifugal pumps, pump standards, and pump maintenance techniques.

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