There’s no time like the present. Today’s meteoric Energy Sector growth means that pipeline companies must rapidly deploy reliable training to an ever-expanding workforce. That’s why they depend on eWebOQ® for pipeline operator qualification.

DOT Pipeline Operator Qualification and Covered Tasks

Since 2000, eWebOQ® has provided Fortune 500 companies and other oil and gas leaders with online training that fulfills the requirements of the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Operator Qualification Rule, including qualification of pipeline personnel performing covered tasks.

Comprehensive Curriculum

eWebOQ® offers more than 80 Pipeline Operator Qualification courses as well as 75 comprehensive courses in Distribution, Liquid Pipeline, DOT Compliance, Emergency Response and Planning, Environmental, Instrument Care and Use, and Human Resources.

Each course meets the qualifications of the DOT Operator Qualification Rule. You can also customize them to fit your company’s specific training needs.

Authorized Evaluator Program

eWebOQ® now offers an Authorized Evaluator program where highly vetted independent and internal evaluators are able to perform and document OQ Evaluations. If you are interested in learning more about becoming or finding Authorized eWebOQ® Evaluators, click here.

Rapid, No-Hassle Delivery

Our focus at eWebOQ® is simple: Evaluations, Training Delivery, Testing, Curriculum Management, Records Documentation, and Performance Checklists with content licensed from ASME. With the click of a mouse, we provide everything your company needs to be DOT-compliant.

eWebOQ® is delivered to your employees over the Internet, or through your company Intranet, anywhere around the globe. More importantly, eWebOQ® can be seamlessly implemented TODAY.

Our reliability is unparalleled. The same “engine” that delivers eWebOQ® provides training to more than 200,000 users worldwide.

eWebOQ®: No hassle. No worries. No time like the present.

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