Could Millions Be Lost On The New FMCSA Safety Advisors?!

Turns out…no!

The US Department of Transportation released a FMCSA Safety Advisory announcement on May 11. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is providing this notice to owners and operators of TYTAL cargo tank motor vehicles (CTMVs) with a capacity of 8,400, 8,717 and 10,500 gallons and primarily used for the transportation of Petroleum Crude Oil, UN1267. If you own or operate one of these CTMVs be aware that they are NOT in compliance with the Federal Hazardous Materials Regulations (HMRs) and do NOT meet the DOT 407.

CTMVs with capacities of 8,400 and 8,717 have been found to have inadequate accident damage protection pursuant to 49 CFR 178.345-8(c)(1). Even the big guys are not in the clear. The cargo tanks motor vehicles with a capacity of 10,500 gallons have been found to have inadequate venting capacity of pressure relief systems pursuant to 49 CFR 178.345-10(e); and inadequate accident damage protection pursuant to 49 CFR 178.345-8(c)(1).


But have no fear! TYTAL representative are communicating to their known customers that these repairs will be made FREE-OF-CHARGE. If you haven’t been contacted, TYTAL is encouraging distributors, owners, and operators to reach out for overseeing and/or coordinating these repairs.

However, until these repairs are made on your CTMVs, continuing to use these vehicles in hazardous materials service is not authorized and you could be subject to enforcement and fines. Because of the nature, severity and extent of these deficiencies, all repairs and retests must be completed on tanks that will continue to be used in hazardous materials service, regardless of the TYTAL CTMV’s last test and inspection dates. So be sure you have everything in order by June 1. Effective that date, FMCSA will initiate enforcement actions on owners and operators of these TYTAL CTMVs that have not had the repairs made and are transporting hazardous materials.

If instead you decide to discontinue the use of these tanks, you must immediately remove, obliterate, or cover the specification plate that identifies the CTMV as a 2 DOT specification cargo tank. The specification plate must remain out-of-sight until the necessary repairs are completed.

You can find the full list of the date of manufacture and manufacturer’s serial number of the known TYTAL cargo tank motor vehicles that are in violation here.