These courses are designed to assist pipeline operators in meeting the requirements of the DOT Operator Qualification Rule. The DOT Operator Qualification Rule requires pipeline operators to develop and maintain a written qualification program for individuals performing covered tasks on pipeline facilities. The DOT also requires that pipeline operators qualify their workforce on covered tasks. The Operator Qualification Rule includes Subpart N 49 CFR Part 192 and Subpart G 49 CFR Part 195.

Operator Qualification

Operator Qualification courses assist pipeline operators in complying with the DOT Operator Qualification Rule that requires operators to qualify their workforce on pipeline facility covered tasks. This includes development and maintenance of a written qualification program as required by 49 CFR 192 Subpart N (natural gas) and 49 CFR 195 Subpart G (hazardous liquids). Pipeline operations and maintenance activities subject to the Operator Qualification Rule are primarily addressed in 49 CFR 192 Subparts L and M, and 49 CFR 195 Subpart F. Course Descriptions


Distribution lines refer to natural gas pipelines other than gathering or transmission lines. Courses in the eWebOQ® Distribution Library address a wide range of pertinent distribution line topics, from plastic pipe fusion to installation of residential and commercial meters and regulators. Course Descriptions

Liquids Pipeline

The eWebOQ® Liquids Pipeline Library examines topics pertinent to the operation and maintenance of hazardous liquids pipelines subject to DOT regulations in 49 CFR 195. Course Descriptions

DOT Compliance

The eWebOQ® DOT Compliance Library addresses Department of Transportation regulatory compliance requirements associated with natural gas and hazardous liquids pipeline work, including Public Awareness, Drug and Alcohol Awareness, Contractor Safety, Accident/Incident Investigation, Fatigue Management, and Control Room Management (CRM). Course Descriptions

Emergency Response and Planning

The eWebOQ® Emergency Response and Planning Library addresses emergency response and planning requirements associated with natural gas and hazardous liquids pipeline work, including Emergency Plans, Public/Contractor Education, Facility and Emergency Response Plans, Pandemic Preparedness, Pipeline Security, Corporate Emergency Management, and SPCC Plans for Non-Production/Bulk Storage Facilities and Onshore Production Facilities. Course Descriptions


Courses in the eWebOQ® Environmental Library include an Introduction to Waste Management and Minimization, Air Permitting for Supervisors, Air Permitting Awareness, and Environmental Awareness. Course Descriptions

Instrument Use and Care

Courses in the eWebOQ® Instrument Use and Care Library provide information about the use of specific instruments, including the DTEX Odorant Detection Instrument, Heath ODORATOR®, Heath Gasurveyor® 3-500, T82 Single Gas Monitor, Radiodetection Pipe Locator, Metrotech Pipe Locator, Ditch With® Pipe Locator, and Digital Multimeter. Course Descriptions

Human Resources

Courses in the eWebOQ® Human Resources Library offer comprehensive information on Human Performance Systems, the Mentoring Process, Job Performance Evaluations, Effective Media Relations, Incident Command Systems and Natural Gas Emergencies, Ethics and Compliance, Management of Change, and Right-of-Way Agent Training for Landowner Communications. Course Descriptions

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