Emergency Response and Planning Courses

The eWebOQ® Emergency Response and Planning Library addresses emergency response and planning requirements associated with natural gas and hazardous liquids pipeline work, including Emergency Plans, Public/Contractor Education, Facility and Emergency Response Plans, Pandemic Preparedness, Pipeline Security, Corporate Emergency Management, and SPCC Plans for Non-Production/Bulk Storage Facilities and Onshore Production Facilities.

*Includes Performance Checklist

102 Emergency Plans & Public/Contractor Education (100 mins)

Addresses emergency action plans and reviews damage prevention programs including one-call systems, public and contractor education about gas pipelines, and response procedures for pipeline damage from an outside force.

ER1300 Facility Response Plan for Hazardous Liquids Pipelines (25 mins)

An overview course about the type of facility response plan utilized in the hazardous liquids pipeline industry.

ER1301 Emergency Response Plan for Natural Gas Pipelines (25 mins)

Explores the components of respective emergency response plans utilized by the natural gas and liquefied natural gas pipeline industries.

ER1302 Working With the Media During an Emergency (35 mins)

Addresses appropriate interview protocols with the news media and emergency response officials at the scene of a pipeline emergency.

ER1304 Pandemic Preparedness: What Every Employee Should Know (30 mins)

Describes how pipeline employees and their workplaces can prepare for a pandemic, including how to protect themselves and adjust working arrangements to deal with a reduced workforce.

ER1305 Pipeline Security Planning (50 mins)|

Discusses the development of a pipeline security plan using the references and guidelines set forth by governmental agencies. It also covers roles and responsibilities of employees, types of security threats and incidents, reporting, facility assessments, security measures, and plan implementation.

ER1306 Corporate Emergency Management Plan (20 mins)

Explains how planning will help management provide key corporate resources to assist operational assets responding to an emergency.

ER1308 SPCC Plans for Non-Production/Bulk Storage Facilities (35 mins)

Examines the general regulatory requirements of an SPCC Plan as well as specific regulatory requirements for non-production onshore facilities.

ER1309 SPCC Plans for Onshore Production Facilities (35 mins)

Examines the general regulatory requirements of an SPCC Plan as well as specific regulatory requirements for onshore oil production facilities and onshore drilling and workover facilities.

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