Human Resources Courses

Human Resources courses in eWebOQ® offer comprehensive information on Human Performance Systems, the Mentoring Process, Job Performance Evaluations, Effective Media Relations, Incident Command Systems and Natural Gas Emergencies, Ethics and Compliance, Management of Change, and Right-of-Way Agent Training for Landowner Communications.

HR1000 Human Performance Systems (40 mins)

Addresses trends and economic forces driving change in the pipeline industry; competence, performance, and productivity; the human performance model; the human performance system; and human performance improvement.

HR1001 The Mentoring Process (65 mins)

Examines mentoring and counseling basics; an effective mentoring system; the need for mentoring and counseling; mentor roles and responsibilities, ethical behavior; needs of adult learners; trust and, rapport building, communication techniques, listening skills; giving feedback; and conflict resolution.

HR1002 Job Performance Evaluations (35 mins)

Examines differences between mentoring and job performance evaluations; the evaluator’s role; employee evaluation plan; competency profiles; assessing knowledge, skills, attributes, and common barriers to accurate observation; teaching job task knowledge and job skills; and giving and receiving feedback.

HR1003 Effective Media Relations (35 mins)

Addresses how to participate in a media interview at the scene of an emergency; the five “Ws” and the “nine points”; what emergency response officials and the news media should know during a company emergency; providing the media with proper contact information; spokesperson’s role during pipeline emergencies, including compliance with DOT regulation Title 49 CFR 192.615; and use of pipeline maps and drawings.

HR1004 Incident Command System and Natural Gas Emergencies (35 mins)

Addresses the Incident Command System (ICS) and Natural Gas Emergencies training program, Incident Commander responsibilities and staff, kinds of pipeline emergencies and company response, implementing a successful ICS, the role of NIMS in incident management, and maintaining relations with emergency response officials.

HR1005 Ethics and Compliance (50 mins)

Examines ethics and compliance as they apply to a Code of Conduct and company policy for all employees of a pipeline company, including senior management and the board of directors.

HR1006 Management of Change (35 mins)

Examines the concept of management of change (MOC), the types of changes, the application and importance of an MOC program, and the importance of understanding MOC processes used within a specific organization.

HR1007 Right-of-Way Agent Training: Landowner Communications (30 mins)

Examines best practices for communicating with landowners whose properties may be affected by pipeline construction, including the operator’s commitments to the landowners.

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