Instrument Use and Care Courses

Instrument Use and Care courses in eWebOQ® provide information about the use of specific instruments, including the DTEX Odorant Detection Instrument, Heath ODORATOR®, Heath Gasurveyor® 3-500, T82 Single Gas Monitor, Radiodetection Pipe Locator, Metrotech Pipe Locator, Ditch Witch® Pipe Locator, and Digital Multimeter.

*903 Using the DTEX Odorant Detection Instrument (30 mins)

Teaches the learner about the DTEX DX1000G/L odorant detection instrument system and how to conduct an odor concentration test.

*904 Using the Heath ODORATOR® (15 mins)

Explores how this odorant detection instrument works, explains how to operate and troubleshoot the instrument, and provides additional information that will help the user skillfully operate the instrument.

905 Using the Heath Gasurveyor® 3-500 (30 mins)

Examines the components, range of operation, and key functions of this combustible gas indicator, and also explains how to operate the instrument.

906 Using the T82 Single Gas Monitor (20 mins)

Introduces operators to the T82 Single Gas Monitor and teaches how to operate this sensitive instrument. Calibration, maintenance, and smart sensor modes are also addressed.

*907 Using the Radiodetection Pipe Locator (75 mins)

Teaches techniques for locating buried pipeline and cables using the Radiodetection Pipe Locator. The course also explains how to operate the Radiodetection receiver and transmitter. Tips for using the Radiodetection locator are also provided.

*908 Using the Metrotech Pipe Locator (45 mins)

Explains how to use this pipe locating instrument, including the three primary locating methods: direct connection, inductive coupling, and the inductive method. Also examined are instrument checkout procedures, tracing techniques, and maintenance requirements.

*909 Ditch Witch® Pipe Locators (40 mins)

Discusses the control features and functions of the Ditch Witch® Pipe Locator receiver and transmitter, the specific operation and line locating methods, and the abnormal operating conditions that may be encountered while performing a line location.

910 Using a Digital Multimeter (45 mins)

An introduction to the metric system, the concepts of electricity, and how to use a multimeter to measure resistance, voltage, and amperage.

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