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eWebOQ® also offers many regulatory-based safety courses that will provide your crews with critical, up-to-date training. More importantly, you are able to easily monitor and track their training progress with eWebOQ.


Chemical Facility Security

The Chemical Facility Security library provides 18 comprehensive courses to help security personnel develop the vital edge they need to protect their workplaces. The hallmark of this library is its far-reaching scope. Learners are guided through course topics that range from the basics of chemical facility security to terrorist methodology and beyond – essentials all security teams need.

Your security team will become better acquainted with key components and integral players in facility security, such as: security vulnerability assessments, training recommendations, value chain partners, buffer zone protection programs, emergency preparedness drills and exercises, cyber threats, and much more. Course Descriptions

Environmental, Health, and Safety

The Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) library teaches your employees how to work safely. Our EHS series provides comprehensive courses designed to promote safe work practices that satisfy regulations from various agencies including OSHA, DOT, and EPA. Course Descriptions

First Responder Training

First Responder Training courses cover all topics in the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) Standard Curriculum and are a valuable addition to your first responder training program. First Responder Training series consists of 36 courses including: Well-Being of the First Responder, Legal and Ethical Issues, Patient Assessment, CPR, Emergency Childbirth, and more. These courses are eligible for CEU credit in Texas under Program 600196. Course Descriptions

General Maintenance

The General Maintenance courses are designed to cover general maintenance tasks from a variety of industries including instrumentation and pipe fitting. These courses, with an emphasis on safety, will greatly benefit any company with on-site or contractor maintenance staff. Course Descriptions

Good Laboratory Practices (GLP)

Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) training courses will help your team easily and conveniently navigate the federal requirements and international guidance for nonclinical laboratory studies. Course Descriptions

Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP)

Current Good Manufacturing Practices is a regulatory prescription for producing drug products that are safe for humans and animals. In the United States, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires pharmaceutical manufacturers and companies that conduct Phase III clinical trials to comply with cGMP regulations. Course Descriptions


The HAZWOPER courses address key topics of the HAZWOPER standard. From Site Security and Control to Handling Drums and Containers, you will find an array of courses that will help your employees understand what HAZWOPER is all about. Course Descriptions

Human Resources

The Human Resources courses address employee performance issues as well as regulations affecting employment practices, including: Sexual Harassment, Diversity in the Workplace, Coaching and Counseling, and E-mail Etiquette. Regulatory topics include: Sarbanes-Oxley Act (Ethics), Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), and Fair Labor Standard Act (FLSA) which includes minimum wage, overtime, and child labor laws for all employers. Course Descriptions

Industrial Process Fundamentals

The Industrial Process Fundamentals courses provide basic plant knowledge for all industrial plant personnel. These courses discuss safety, detail various industrial processes, and much more. The courses emphasize the principles and theories involved in the processes providing plant personnel with an adequate background and understanding. Course Descriptions

Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)

The LNG Library of courses provides initial and refresher training for all operator and contractor personnel, from managers to maintenance. Based on DOT, DHS, and NFPA standards, our courses examine the characteristics and hazards of LNG, potential hazards, plant operations, and operating, transfer, and maintenance concepts. Course Descriptions


Our courses include detailed information about millwright methods, techniques, common mechanical components, and maintenance and repair tasks. Course Descriptions

Municipal: Environmental, Health, and Safety

The Municipal: Environmental, Health, and Safety library promotes sound work practices for municipal employees, including highway and public works employees, sanitation workers, firefighters, police officers, emergency medical personnel, and planning and zoning staff. These courses are designed to satisfy many of the environmental, health, and safety regulations for initial and refresher employee safety training. Course Descriptions

Off-the-Job Safety

The Off-the-Job Safety courses will ensure that you are aware of the safety issues outside the work environment, and supply you with the proper tools needed to handle the situations. Course topics include safe driving practices, boating safety, poison control, stress management, and heat stress prevention. Course Descriptions

Operator Performed Maintenance

The Operator Performed Maintenance courses are essential if your organization employs pipeline operations personnel. Courses such as Pipe Fitting Basics, Stopping Pipe and Flange Leaks, and Valve Identification teach your team to work safely and efficiently during maintenance tasks. Course Descriptions

Port Facility Security

The Port Facility courses satisfy the MTSA’s mandate for facility personnel training. These courses were developed from the MTSA, IMO, and ISPS codes. Course Descriptions

Process Operations

The Process Operations Library includes 16 courses intended for process plant operators, but are useful for maintenance and other plant personnel. The courses in this series range from general knowledge courses including process chemistry and reading P&IDs to courses about specific equipment such as distillation towers, heat exchangers, and reactors. Course Descriptions

Security for Professionals

If you or your employees travel outside of the United States, the security advice in these courses will prove invaluable. Course Descriptions


The Vocational/Technical Library addresses safety procedures for personnel working in woodshops, laboratories, and metal and auto shops. Auto shop chemical and tool safety are also examined. Course Descriptions

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